Packers vs Bears Review

Writer: Zarvea McArthur 

Finally, football season is officially here, and the 100th season of the NFL at that. This season started with a classic rivalry: we had the Packers vs Bears and long story short, it was a very slow-paced, highly defensive game with the final score being 10-3 with the Packers coming out on top.

The Packers are debuting their new offense with Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers. The thing is, even with this new offense the run game seemed a little sluggish, leading to the only touchdown of the game, spawning from a drive accumulating to 75 yards with the biggest play coming from a 47 yard pass from Rodgers to Marquez Valdes-Scantling, ending the Packers drive on a red zone play from Aaron Rodgers to Jimmy Graham. With the Packers’ run game being stuffed for the most part (only rushing for 47 yards on 22 rush attempts) it seemed like Hakeem Nicks, Khalil Mack and the Bears defensive front were living in the Packers’ backfield, stuffing Adam Jones and Jamal Montgomery every chance they had. For the focal point of the offense, Rodgers went 18 for 30 on passing, adding up to 203 yards and a touchdown. However, something that bothered me a lot was the offensive line and the inability to protect their QB, with Rodgers being sacked on third down 5 times, yet the defense on the other hand did manage to keep the Bears out of the end zone - an admirable effort.

The Packers’ defense without Clay Matthews looked really good overall. They had the only takeaway of the game after picking off Mitch Trubisky, but the Packers’ defense held Trubisky for the most part (26 out of 45 attempts, 228 yards). With that pick late in the fourth quarter, they were able to give the ball back to Rodgers, but unfortunately the Packers turned it right over back to the Bears, giving the team a last minute attempt to win the game due to amazing coverage downfield which forced Trubisky to miss on the rest of his attempts at the end of the game.

All in all, the game wasn’t very eventful. There were 17 punts between both teams and it was an extremely low scoring game. Trubisky didn’t look too good, but in all honesty neither did Aaron Rodgers and his offensive line and the defense came out to play on both teams. For the Bears, this game was about picking up where they left off last year, and for the Packers, it was about building and having this new defense come together.