Should We Be Worried About the Browns?

Writer: Zarvea McArthur

It’s week 3 in the 100th NFL season and there is a team that I assumed would be shining early into the season. The Cleveland Browns, after ending their 19 game losing streak last year, ended last year with a 7-8 record. Having started off the year with a 1-2 record, head coach Freddie Kitchens needs to address the issue of their offensive line after getting dominated by the LA Rams defensive front and start thinking about a potential replacement for offensive coordinator, or even think about himself stepping down to be the offensive coordinator and bring someone in. With the season still at its onset, it shouldn’t be that much of an adjustment for the sophomore QB.

Unfortunately the Browns really haven’t picked up where they left off. Baker has been playing sub-par in his sophomore year, throwing 3 TDs to 5 Interceptions with 804 yards passing so far, but I’m not going to completely put the blame on his shoulders. When the Browns traded for OBJ they gave away their best offensive lineman, making an already fragile o-line even weaker, forcing Baker to be more skittish in the pocket and rush his progressions. However, I believe that Baker is better than what he’s shown to be so far this season. 

Another thing I saw was that the defense isn’t as prominent in recent years, apart from Myles Garrett, who has 6 sacks on the season. Yet so far the others aren’t really standing out for me. Without their old defensive coordinator Gregg Williams (now the coordinator for the New York Jets) and without Jabrill Peppers at the strong safety position, the Browns need to improve their secondary team development or they won’t be getting any better this year.

All in all I’m really worried about the Browns and their play as of late. They need to step up to the plate, especially with what’s happened in their own division regarding injuries. This is the perfect time for the team to show us what they’re really capable of with all that star power.