Carolina Panthers Could Return to Super Bowl Form

By: Zarvea McArthur

As most of you know I am a huge Carolina Panthers fan, so I am extremely excited for this upcoming season, and so far from what I’ve seen from the Panthers’ training camp, I am also very impressed. 

This year is Christian McCafferys’ third year and with his newfound muscle acquired via his recent viral picture of himself looking ripped, he said in an interview with ESPNs Sam Alipour “I like playing around 207 and that’s where I’m at right now.”  In his second year he rushed for a little over 1,000 yards (1,098) compared to his first year where he rushed for 435. I’m personally impressed with his growth since his first year in the league and he definitely looks bigger and healthier. With him finally having a full offseason where he was actively able to participate, he’s among a handful of players I’m anticipating to have an impressive year. 

I’m also excited to see our draft picks Brain Burns and Greg Little plugging the holes in the offensive line I feel were being exposed. With Burns an All American coming out of Florida State being ranked as number 8 in sacks in the NCAA I think he is a perfect replacement for the now retired Julius Peppers. Greg Little, a two time All-American coming from Ole Miss and helping his old team to the number 5 ranked passing offense, should bolster the offensive line with Norv Turners’ new offensive scheme. These two players are two I will be keeping an eye on, especially Little because of his important role.

Cam Newton looks the best out of all the players I have discussed and to be honest, he’s my early pick for MVP again. So far from what I’ve seen he looks 100% healthy, and he is actually throwing the ball instead of pushing it out like he was in the second half of the season. This clip shows him throwing the ball to Curtis Samuel on a post route and the ball traveled 40+ yards in the air.

I can say again that it impressed me, and it looks like he is back to MVP form. I cannot wait to see him play, especially in the first game of the season against Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams. Now we aren’t very far from the start of the NFL season and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens this season after the changes that have happened this offseason.