Will the Celtics Really be Better With Kemba?

Writer: Zarvea McArthur

As free agency looms over the NBA, the Boston Celtics have recently acquired Kemba Walker according to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnariwski. The question remains: is a Kemba-led Celtics team better than a Kyrie-led Celtics team?

Walker averaged 19.8 ppg along with 5.5 assists and 1.3 steals. Compared to Kyries 22.2 points per with 5.7 assists and the same amount of steals at 1.3, I don’t see this as much of an upgrade statistically or a hole that needs to be plugged, which brings me to my second point: the depth of the Boston Celtics and all the young developing talent that Brad Stevens has to coach.

As seen by their early stumbles the Celtics had at the beginning of the ‘18-’19 season, the problem was evident they had too much talent and not enough time to put all of the talent together. Having Tatum, Brown, Smart and Hayward is already a strong starting line up, but including Walker into this situation doesn’t relieve this problem in my opinion. Also, after losing Aaron Baynes and Al Horford, I think they should use the money to focus on any available centers left in order to make as deep a playoff run as they did without Kyrie in the 2018 playoffs. 

With Brad Stevens running the team and with the starting core of young talent that he already has, I didn’t think the Celtics should have pursued Kemba. It puts them back into the same situation that they had with Kyrie. However, the deed is done, and they should now look to acquire an available center, either in FA or in a trade.