Why The Premier League Is The Best League in Soccer

Writer: Joseph Ralston

With the summer starting, European club soccer has ended. Championships have been won, leagues have been decided, and the summer transfer window has opened. With that being said, I took a look back at European club soccer to see which league is head and shoulders above the rest. With criteria was based on terms of money spent on transfers, competitive nature, championships won, and tournament performances, only one league proved itself to be best between the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and the Premier League, and that league is the English Premier League.

Last year, all five leagues spent massive amounts of money on transfers for players to better their teams. The Bundesliga spent the least with 503,190,000 euros spent. The most was spent by the Premier League with 1,490,490,000 euros. That’s almost three times more than the Bundesliga. In soccer, being able to buy players and gain the high class performers to add to your team gives you the best chance of winning, and it paid off for the league tremendously. Some notable transfers that helped EPL teams perform so great were Fabinho, Allison, Jorginho, Kepa, Higuain, Richarlison, Babel, Keita, Mahrez, and future Chelsea winger Pulisic. Also, many EPL teams have been building their squads with previous big name transfers, and every summer transfer window, the biggest names available are always linked to one of the top Premier League teams. This all cumulates to the reasoning that the Premier League will spend however much money to get the highest quality players to put the best product on the pitch.

In terms of competitive nature, Ligue 1 has PSG and Lyon. La Liga has Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Athletico Madrid. Serie A has Juventas, Intermilan, AC Milan, Napoli, and Roma. The Bundesliga has Bayern Munich and Dortmund. But the Premier League has Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham at the top. Moreover, across the board, the Premier was the most competitive domestically. On any given day, any team in the EPL could lose to any sort of team. While Liverpool and Manchester City posted historic season numbers with 98 and 97 points respectively, the teams that followed still posted quality numbers and were competitive across the board. The rivalries and history between clubs adds to the competitive nature, with almost every team having a rival, if not two. There is Liverpool and Manchester United, Liverpool and Everton, Manchester United and Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United, and many more between all the clubs. There’s also been 5 different winners of the Premier League since 2000, compared to 4 in La Liga, 4 in the Bundesliga, and 4 in Serie A. The only outlier is Ligue 1, where there have been 8 different winners, but PSG has won 6 titles, and Lyon has won 7. Overall, the Premier League boasts the most competition across the board due to rivalries and transfer spending to purchase the best players to put on the pitch.

In terms of 2018/2019 performances in tournaments, the English Premier League dominated and showcased its class and skill on a world wide level. Liverpool were the 2018/2019 Champions League winners, perhaps the highest honor in European Club Soccer.

Through the victory, Liverpool proved they were the best club in Europe. They beat Tottenham, Barcelona, Napoli, Bayern Munich, Porto, and PSG throughout the tournament. The Champions League Round of 16 also had 4 EPL teams, with all of them advancing to the quarter finals, 2 making it the semi finals, and ultimately having Tottenham and Liverpool face off in the Champions League Final.  Chelsea were the 2018/2019 Europa League Champions. At the start, Chelsea and Arsenal were the two EPL teams selected to the Europa League, and in the end, Chelsea and Arsenal were the only two teams left, with Chelsea ultimately lifting the trophy. As a result, Liverpool and Chelsea will face of in the UEFA Super Cup in August to decide who is the best in Europe, but no matter the result, the Premier League will be the winner of the fixture, solidifying them as the top League in all of soccer.

While there are five dominate leagues in European soccer, the one that stands out among the rest is the English Premier League. Through the ability to spend the most money to get quality players, being the most competitive, and performing the best in the biggest European Championships, the English Premier League proved they dominated Europe in 2018/2019.