What the Bucks Need

Writer: Zarvea McArthur

So. Giannis and his Milwaukee Bucks. I know that he cannot do this alone and his supporting cast may not be enough help for him, but Khris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe are key pieces that if I were in the front office I’d try to keep along with Malcolm Brogdon, Nikola Mirotic and Brook Lopez. I’d also be looking to expand the offense especially with Giannis being the slasher that he is by surrounding him with more shooters.

First, I would look to sign Brook Lopez again; having him as a stretch five and coming off the bench as a proven veteran player could be crucial in another deep playoff run. If Khris Middleton has to be traded, I would look to trade him for someone like Bradley Beal

Now someone like Bradley Beal, who averaged 25.6 ppg, 5.5 assists, and 5 rebounds, would be perfect for the team as it would give the Bucks another star player, thereby shifting some of the focus off of Giannis and giving them better spacing while also bringing another playmaker into the mix. The question is, is Milwaukee a destination a star player would like to go to?

As the younger players on the roster continue to develop, they’ll soon realize that they may have to become a spot up shooter or get better at moving off ball. Having someone that’s a vet, someone like a Brook Lopez, that does those things is a key piece to teaching the younger players and showing them the ropes so they can be contenders and push for a championship.

With the development of the young core they have and if they can land a player like Beal who can spread the floor with his 3-pt shooting (averaged 35% this year, 37% in 2017-18), it should help this team stay in contention, even win a championship in the near future. I have high hopes for this team and I can only see them getting better from here.