Can We Please Get Devin Booker Out of Phoenix?

Writer: Zarvea McArthur

To start this piece off, I have to say that I have nothing against the Phoenix Suns. They were a legitimate threat when they still had Steve Nash and Co., but ever since, this team has been nothing but a drag. Today, Phoenix does have a very, very talented shooting guard in Devin Booker - 2018 three point champ and 2016 NBA All-Rookie First Team, along with the fact that he is the youngest player to ever score 70 points in a game and the youngest to ever score 50 points in consecutive games. But he needs to get out of Phoenix. His talent is being wasted there ever since he came to Phoenix and they haven’t had a winning season or made a playoff appearance in that time. I don’t credit this to any fault of his own. This year he is averaging 27 points, 4 rebounds, and 7 assists, with a career average of 21/4/4. Of course, if I were Phoenix, there is absolutely no way I would let him go unless he makes trade demands. They will try keep him in a Suns uniform until 2023 after his 5-year 158 million dollar contract expires, but if they do not continue to add talent around him, I personally believe he should leave early. He isn’t getting any younger staying with this team, and despite his unwavering loyalty, if he wants to win and he wants to compete for a championship he has to get out of Phoenix.