Shazam: The Savior of the DCU

Writer: Kameron Henry

In the past couple of years, DC Studios has been caught slipping on movies, with films such as Justice League and Suicide Squad getting only mediocre reviews. Many people believed that DC could never compete with Marvel. That is, until DC decided to bring Shazam onto the big screen.

Shazam follows a foster kid named Billy Bastion who is searching for his real mother. While doing so, he runs from foster home to foster home. After being caught by police yet again, Billy is given to the only foster family that will accept him - The Vasquez family. When Billy arrives at his new home, we meet his new family members: Darla, Mary, Pedro, Eugene, and Freddy. Later, after protecting Freddy from a couple of bullies and subsequently running away from them, Billy is teleported to the Cave of Wonders. There he meets the wizard, who tells Billy that he has been chosen as the new champion to protect the world from the Seven Deadly Sins. Billy accepts the power and by saying “Shazam” he turns into the hero himself. After realizing that he knows nothing about being a superhero, he recruits Freddy, a superhero fanboy, to be his teacher and show him the ropes.

The entire movie felt funny, and for being a DC movie, that’s a good thing. Having Zachary Levi play Shazam was great. There was never a time that I thought the movie was trying to do too much for itself. You can come into this movie without knowing anything about Shazam, and by the end of the movie, you will have a fundamental knowledge on the character. This movie is definitely going to be a cult classic, and that’s why I give Shazam a ten out of ten. DC has finally realized how to create a good origin movie, and if DC can just keep this momentum going, there's a chance DC could become a real competitor for Marvel Studios.