Nipsey Hussle: Why it Hurts

Writer: Austin Prim

Although I haven’t done one of these in a while and I’m not going to say much, I have to say something.

First, rest in power to Nipsey Hussle. Prayers to his family, loved ones, and friends.

This hurt. Not just me as a person, or a fan. It hurts his family, and his city. But it really hurts Hip Hop.

Nipsey may not have been known by a huge crossover audience for his music, but his presence and influence in the culture was massive.

From owning his own masters, to his work with and for Dr. Sebi, and his encouragement to buy black/buy back the block, he continued to grow and move the culture. It is not unfair to say the impact of his death is like the death of Tupac’s. The positivity that he exuded and the progress he wanted for us is akin to Pac’s. This is the reason it affects so many people in such a large way. It’s more than just another rapper being murdered. It’s like a movement just took a huge hit. It’s a gut check. Conspiracy theories, and media marketing aside, there’s no real reason behind his death. This wasn’t a beef gone bad. This wasn’t karma from social media or his music catching up to him. It’s senseless and unnecessary and unexpected. That’s why it hurts.

The only silver lining in this dark gray cloud is that he received some of his flowers before his passing. 2018 was the biggest year in his career. Victory Lap is the best Rap album to be released in 2018. He should have won the Grammy, but being nominated was a huge deal. He gained new fans. He validated

his older ones. He gained mainstream notoriety. He taught, he lead, he advanced and uplifted the culture. Victory Lap had to have been a God-given album title, cause Nipsey Hussle absolutely won.

Prayers again for his family. Prayers for Lauren London. Prayers for his children. Prayers for his friends. And prayers for the culture. We’ll continue to run the marathon for Nipsey.