Browns: playoff contenders?

Writer: Zarvea McArthur

It really has been since 2002 since the last time we saw the Browns in the playoffs, an unreal stat looking back at it. But this streak certainly must be coming to an end, right? Loaded with Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham Jr., and David Njoku, this offense is turning out to be a powerhouse on the rise, but the question is can this team make the playoffs? We cannot forget that Cleveland also picked up Kareem Hunt who is an elite running back; moreover, now that Baker is in his second year, this team is poised to take off. But what about the defensive side of the ball? After adding Olivier Vernon to partner up with Miles Garrett and Denzel Ward, the defense seems to be improved but how much better could this low ranked defense truly be after getting rid of their defensive coordinator Gregg Williams? This team’s ceiling is unbelievably high but the one problem that I have is the secondary team. Without Peppers back playing safety anymore, I see a hole that needs to be filled. Also, this, this team is very young, so maybe going out to draft a safety or cornerback may not be as good of an idea as building upon the young core they have. I am very excited to see this team develop and make some noise in the regular season this year.