Let's Talk about Venom

Writer: Kameron Henry

Earlier this year, I talked about 2018 being the year of the spider. In that article, I said Venom will be one of the fall blockbusters. Even though Venom did break records; the movie itself was a different film.

Venom released on October 5, 2018. The story is about Eddie Brock, a reporter who gets infected with a Symbiote named Venom. One of my issues with the movie is that the story feels rushed. Certain characters don’t have time to be fleshed out whenever they are on screen. A perfect example is with Eddie’s girlfriend, Anne. She’s supposed to be the reason Eddie fights so hard to be a good person, but she can’t really do that if she’s rarely in the movie.

Throughout all the trailers, we see the motorcycle scene a lot. At first, I was excited to see the chase. While watching the movie there was a feeling that I personally couldn’t shake. Action scenes in any movie should be no longer than 10 minutes, but this sequence was extremely long. It felt like they tried to fit all the action into a few scenes. This is not the right move, especially for an action film.

Even though this movie had some bad aspects, this movie also has some good to it. A major reason I did enjoy the movie was Tom Hardy. A good actor can carry an average movie to something great. I believe that Tom Hardy is an amazing fit to play Venom. Whenever the symbiote and Eddie first connect, the way he reacted is awesome.

Another thing I enjoyed was the CGI. One of my worries was how the symbiotes were going to look, but the fluidness for them is absolutely stunning. Whenever a symbiote overtakes their host’s body, it’s a visual feat. The CGI makes the symbiotes look like sticky matter that quickly absorb into the skin. That was one of the better parts of the movie.

I wished the film was longer and the characters had a better chance to develop, but for a stand-alone Venom movie, I was okay with it. I give this movie a 6 out of 10. If you are an average movie-goer, you will enjoy this. If you are a comic book fan, I recommend waiting until DVD to add Venom to your collection.