Super Bowl Review

Writer: Zarvea McArthur

Well, well, well. The football season is over and it came and went like a blur. It was possibly the most offensive season that I’ve seen in a very long time, and now that the Patriots have been named the super bowl champs once again, I give you my review on what happened in this year’s Super Bowl.

Let’s start out with how good this game actually was. As I watched these two teams go at it, I saw some things that bothered me. On the Rams side, they didn’t utilize Todd Gurley enough, keeping him sidelined for the most part of the game even though the New England defense was focused on taking away the run and making Jared Goff beat them (which didn’t happen). Goff missed way too many open receivers. For example, he missed Todd Gurley on a 3rd and seven and missed Reynolds on an in-route in which nobody was within 10 yards of the quarterback. On the other hand, some positives were that their defense played really well by not giving up a touchdown until the 4th quarter. They also put consistent pressure on Brady and they had managed to put a hand on him or put him on the ground on almost every pass attempt he made including forcing an interception early on.

Now for the Patriots, I saw many good things. Number one has to be. Julian Edelman. The man had an amazing game with 10 receptions and 141 yards. Every time he caught the ball he had room to roam and get yards. Also, the offensive line was unbelievable. They managed throughout the game to keep the Rams’ defensive line like Aaron Donald and Suh in check. There were some faults with the team nonetheless, like the special teams for example. Their downfield coverage seemed subpar at best and their coverage of Reynolds downfield was poor, but I noticed that they managed to keep bringing the safety down. Even with those things, they should’ve felt secure with the GOAT on their side who earned his 6th ring that day.

Now that the season is over, let’s get ready for an exciting off season and prepare for the next year with some rookies that have been proven to be pretty good in their respective schemes. For now, this is Goodbye, Football.