Three Jobs, One Goal

By: Marcus Carr

DALLAS— Nina Zavala is a CEO, vice president of marketing and brand ambassador for three different companies; however, working her way to these positions was no easy path.

Zavala is the CEO of the Nina Zavala Group, vice president of marketing for D1 Scouting and brand ambassador for BallerTv. Zavala began working in grassroots basketball by folding T-shirts at a local Dallas event. She recalls being ecstatic about landing this position but she was also determined to leave an imprint on the event directors. Shortly after, the dominos started to fall in the right direction for Zavala.

She would be invited to travel to national events in Vegas, Atlanta and South Carolina to contribute to these basketball events any way she could. In November of 2015, Zavala was approached by Adidas basketball to run their new tournament, Adidas Silver Gauntlet.

“It was the best opportunity that opened so many doors and gave me the ultimate experience.” Zavala said.

This opportunity was an important gateway into becoming the brand ambassador for BallerTv, Zavala met her now boss at one of the events she was traveling to. Since then, she has helped BallerTv grow into one of the most watched streaming platforms for grassroots basketball.

Being the CEO of the Nina Zavala Group, she helps curate basketball tournaments and camps around the country while contributing that back to her other jobs of helping high school basketball players get the right exposure.


Nina Zavala after discussing grassroots basketball.

Nina Zavala after discussing grassroots basketball.

“I try to help them understand that they’re a brand and their brand is very important and everything they do will follow them as they go through this process.” Zavala said.

Zavala continues to help players and basketball brands at all levels with one goal in mind, “to make basketball better for everyone who watches, plays or coaches the game.”