Way Too Early MVP Picks

Writer: Zarvea McArthur

This NFL season is still really young, so thus far I have some way too early picks for MVP. If the NFL season were to end today, these players are definitely in the discussion as to who will win MVP. 

My first pick is Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. So far he is on pace to have a 6,000 yard passing season, breaking Peyton Manning’s record set in 2013 with 5,477 yards. Mahomes previously threw for over 5,000 yards (5,097) last season with his team sitting among the few who remain undefeated this year and Mahomes so far has thrown for 1,510 yards along with 10 touchdowns on top of that. Moreover, Mahomes hasn’t thrown an interception this season. This young QB has shattered my expectations so far this year, not even seeming to be anywhere close to the dreaded sophomore slump most NFL QBs go through in their second year starting. 

Coming in second, I have surprisingly the Dallas Cowboys’ starting QB Dak Prescott. Now with Dallas having faced sub .500 teams in the first three games, those being the New York Giants, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins (honestly, bad football teams), and then proceeding to lose to the Saints, Dak has been a shining star so far this season. I understand that it might be an aberration with his contract being the focus of Dallas’ front office but that shouldn’t be taken into effect on how well he has played. Dak this year has thrown for 1,143 yards, 9 touchdowns, and an interception and through the first three games of the season he lead his team to decisive victories. With the tougher part of the Dallas schedule coming up I am expecting to see more of the great play I saw in those three games. 

Finally my last pick is *drumroll* Shaq Barrett of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Let me start off by saying this defense so far this season has surprised the hell out of me and being led by this young linebacker, this defense will be a problem for upcoming teams. Barrett is leading the NFL in sacks with 9 along with 3 forced fumbles and an interception. Barrett hasn’t been stopped so far when it comes to getting to the Quarterback with Todd Bowles dialing up the defense for the Bucs. To be honest I don’t expect to see this team let up on defense at all and will continue to have to ability to keep the team in ball games.

As for my personal, final pick I’m going to go with Patrick Mahomes again this year, who is on track to break an NFL legend’s record. Another thing that helps him is how horrible Kansas City’s defense is and with that defense Mahomes is going to have to perform at an MVP level all season long for this team to be able to succeed.