The Resurgence Of D-Rose

Writer: Zarvea McArthur

Derrick Rose, the former number one pick for the Chicago Bulls and one of my personal favorite players in the NBA, has made an incredible resurgence this season. It looks like he is getting back to his old form after tearing his meniscus in his right knee in 2013 then tearing it again in 2015, both of which followed his ACL tear in 2012. Even after all of these setbacks, it seemed like he would never be the same. This season has proved us wrong.

Derrick Rose this year is playing at a high level compared to how he was playing beforehand, averaging 19 points and 5 assists this year, which is close to what he was averaging before the injuries. On Halloween of 2018, D-Rose posted a 50 point game against the Utah Jazz refueling his resurgence. He has continued this rise to greatness with there being only 8 games that he scored under 20 points, those being Golden State, in which he scored 3 points, Portland, in which he scored twice 17 and 18 points, in Memphis with 18 points, Cleveland with 12 points, Houston with 0 points, Charlotte with 16 points, Sacramento with 13 points,  and both matchups against San Antonio, with 18 points in the first matchup and 4 points in the second.

With him being back under his former head coach from Chicago, Tom Thibodeau, and being very comfortable in the style of offense that is ran, I believe that Derrick Rose will get comeback player of the year for this 2018-19 season.