Album of the Summer

Writer: Austin Primm


When it’s all said and done, 2018 will go down in history as one of the greatest summers in Hip-Hop for music. We got a lot of music this summer - some good, some bad, some great. The biggest artists in the industry, regardless of genre, released this summer! Drake dropped, Ye dropped, The Carters dropped, Nicki dropped… so many artists in the industry’s top tier dropped this year, and all within a four-month span this summer.

These artists probably had some of the bigger albums this summer, but in all honesty, a couple of the big-name artists put out some of the more disappointing albums this year. “Ye” was cool, but I haven’t even revisited it in months. I enjoyed “Everything is Love” but haven’t needed to go back and listen to everything again. “Scorpion” could’ve been great had Drake cut the album in half, but what he gave us was arguably his worst album musically speaking. Surprisingly enough, the album that I enjoyed the most was by someone who I hadn’t even heard of previously. Maybe I’m late, but the artist Buddy released an album toward the end of July titled “Harlan & Alondra,” and it was easily my favorite album of the summer!

I only found out about Buddy through a friend named Mac. I trust Mac’s musical opinion, so any time he suggests a song, artist or album, I must consider it. He asked if I had listened to the album. Obviously, I said no. I explained that I didn’t know who “Buddy” was. Mac proceeded to put me on as a good friend should. I had some free time that evening to sit with some new music, so I listened that night rather than putting it off. I fully expected just to skip through a couple of tracks to get a feel and move on. The first song got me interested, the second song kept me intrigued, the third track however…the third track “Black” which featured A$AP Ferg made me really pay attention. That was really the starting point of the album for me.

I continued to listen and continued to be impressed more and more as I moved further through the project. Buddy is one of the new-aged artists that blurs the lines between rapper & singer. He has bars, but he also has melodic cadences. There are some songs on the project that are completely without rap. Homie has a real funky vibe. The album is super chill and really west-coast-influenced. One of the stand-out tracks is “Trouble on Central”. This is the song that had me text Mac and thank him for putting me onto such a dope album and a new, interesting artist!. I always appreciate being introduced to new music, so I hope this article does that for you.

In a summer full of decent music by huge artists, this album more than deserves some shine! The production, the messages, the style, the vibe, everything about it makes you feel good. Its positive, it’s fun, it’s meaningful. The album is really one of the best albums I’ve heard from a new artist in a while. I could’ve gone into more detail or given a track-by-track review, but it’s summertime. Listen for yourself! And you should listen to it before the summer is over. It’s the perfect vibe album to listen to during these warm late summer, early fall nights with friends!