Who Owns the Eastern Conference

Written By: Zarvea McArthur


NBA free agency went crazy with Demarcus Cousins joining the Warriors and LeBron joining the Lakers and officially leaving the Eastern conference so now the question is who owns the East?

The Boston Celtics are the prohibitive favorites to make it to the finals for the East, but we cannot forget about Toronto they ended the 2017-18 season with the best record in the East with 59 wins and recently added two way superstar Kawhi Leonard.  The upcoming teams like the Bucks and the 76ers could also represent the Eastern Conference now that the LeBron has left.

My pick is still the Celtics without LeBron on the Cavs and the rest of the teams getting their pieces together and building their team even without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward the team still made it to the ECF and if they add Jimmy Butler or another star for Brown or Rozier it adds to their roster making them an even better team.  Being led by coach Brad Stevens and the depth, the team is perfect to meet the Warriors in the Finals which would finally end the four straight years of Cavs vs. Warriors.

My sleeper pick is the New York Knicks if they add more talent to the roster after having Enes Kanter sign a contract extension, Kristaps Porzingis coming off injury, Frank Ntilikina getting better as a point, and the rise of Kevin Knox in Summer League. This team has very high potential and will have a higher seed than they did last year.  I’m predicting them to sit have the 4th seed and make the playoff instead of being out of the playoffs and sitting at the 11th seed.