Incredibles 2... Worth the Hype?

Written By: Kameron Henry


On November 5, 2004, the Pixar released the film The Incredibles. This movie was a part of most 90’s babies childhood. Fourteen years later, Incredibles 2 was released. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Do I think it was worth the hype? Maybe.


In the first film, we followed Mr. Incredible (Bob) and the issues with heroes being banned until he is contacted to do secret hero work. While this is happening, Mrs. Incredible (Ellen) is at home taking care of their kids. The movie ends with the entire family coming together to fight a new super villian.

The 2nd movie is about not Mr. Incredible but Elasti-Girl (Ellen). A multi-millionaire wants to bring heroes back into the spotlight. From the trailer, we can see that Bob and Ellen are switching parental roles so that Ellen becomes the main source of income while Bob takes care of the kids. I was okay with this actually. My main issue was with the villain. 

The villain in the first film had a valid reason for hating the heroes in the movie. Syndrome looked up to Mr. Incredible at a earlier age, but Mr. Incredible disowned him which gave him a purpose to become a villain. The villain in the second film, The ScreenSlaver, has cool powers but no purpose. Without spoiling the movie, the motive to me doesn't make any sense at all.

I guess that the movie deserves some hype for making a proper sequel even though it's a little late. Even though I have some quims with this film, it was nice to see what happened finally after 14 years of waiting. The action was great, even better than the last one, not to mention that half of the theater was filled with 20 year olds who grew up with this movie. Seeing these guys back on the big screen was great. Incredibles 2 gets an 8.5/10.