Vegas Chooses Warriors over Bulls?

Writer: Zarvea McArthur



In terms of historically great teams there is no team better than the 96 Bulls here’s why. First and foremost that team had the GOAT, Michael Jordan, they also had Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Roy Harper, and Luc Longley. To set the stage it’s the NBA Finals post-hand check rule and it’s 2018 Warriors v.s. 1996 Bulls. I’m picking the Bulls all the way this team would dominate the Warriors on the defensive side of the ball having Jordan guard Steph, Pippen on Klay, Rodman on Durant, Longley on Andre Iguodala or Javale McGee, and Harper on Draymond there isn’t a place where the Warriors can exploit anything on the Bulls team.

On the offensive end who would be able to guard Jordan, Draymond? Klay is a underrated defender but he isn’t good enough to stop Jordan especially with the arsenal of moves Jordan has in the post more specifically his fadeaway.

Rodman in the paint is another key to this game being guarded by Durant. Rodman would be a huge presence in the paint getting offensive rebounds and it’s the same for him when he guards Durant. Rodman would be extremely physical on Durant forcing him to take bad shots closing his driving lanes and contesting his shots.

Pippen guarding Klay is more difficult than Jordan or Rodman's assignment because of how fast Klays’ release is. Since Thompson is so sound  when it comes to putting up shots from behind the arc, but Pippen being so prolific on defense Klay would have more of a challenge. Pippen would dominate Thompson on the offensive side of the ball as well. Pippen’s main points of attack are driving to the paint and from midrange with the 3 inch height advantage that Pippen has over Klay it would be too much for the Warriors guard to handle.

Finally, if Jordan was assigned to guard Steph Curry he would happily take him out of the game. Steph stands absolutely no chance since he isn’t that great of a defensive point and Jordan is just too big and too strong for Steph and let’s not forget about Jordan’s trash talk either. But overall the Bulls would have an advantage especially on the defensive side of the ball being the more physical team and their ability to interrupt everyone’s rhythm the 30 plus 3 point attempts would be reduced to 20-25 attempts with about 9-10 makes for the Warriors making this series a win for the Bulls.