Patriots Out Second Round

Writer: Zarvea McArthur

Wow. This might seem blasphemous, but I do not think the Patriots will make it to the AFC Championship. On top of this, I also believe they will lose in the divisional round. Here’s why:

First and foremost, Tom Brady isn’t playing like the Tom Brady we know. He seems a little more skittish in the pocket and when he has the ball out of his hand he shies away from contact. I understand the man is 42 years old playing in the NFL and at that age hits are hard on the body, especially when the hits he’s taken over the years start to add up. Nonetheless, he’s sitting at a stat line of 3,979 passing yards so far with 9 picks and 24 touchdowns, compared to Mahomes who is at sitting at 45 touchdowns to 11 interceptions. 

Second, there’s the Pats’ running game. With the loss of Sony Michel and having to use Cordarrelle Patterson in his place as their running back, along with utilizing James White as a passing threat instead of a running back, it’s easy to see that the running game just isn’t there.

Lastly, we have problems with the other players in general. With Josh Gordon being suspended indefinitely by the NFL and saying that he is taking time to step away from the game to focus on mental health, New England has taken a huge hit. Also, with Gronk not being the dynamic force on offense that he used to be and Julian Edelman still recovering from his injury a year ago, this offense just doesn’t seem that threatening anymore with the exception of Brady.

With all of the inconsistencies of New England up against the dynamic teams in the AFC, I can’t possibly see this team making it out of the divisional round, much less making it to the AFC Championship game.