Fairy Tail: An Eternal Adventure

Writer: McKay Patrick

“Do fairies have tails? Do fairies exist in the first place? It’s an eternal mystery. An eternal adventure.”

Mavis Vermillion

During the early days of high school, I started watching a particular anime that would soon change my life forever. I was new to watching anime in general and wasn’t confident enough to share my interest in fear I would be judged. Looking back on it now, I realize that was foolish of me because there are so many people out there, anime fanatics or not, that are willing to support you.

I stumbled upon Fairy Tail while searching up new anime to watch. The character that caught my eye was an attractive, raven haired man who always seemed to have his shirt off. I have no shame in admitting that he was the reason I started watching the show in the first place. I mean, he was shirtless and he had abs. Why wouldn’t I watch it? That raven haired hottie would later be known as Gray Fullbuster, an Ice-Make Mage from the guild Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail was first a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima that eventually was animated into a series in 2009. The show is centered around Lucy Heartfilia, a 17-year-old wizard living in a world where magic is completely ordinary. In hopes of someday joining the acclaimed Fairy Tail guild, she, by chance, meets Natsu Dragneel, a young man with bright pink hair who happens to be a Fairy Tail wizard and his companion Happy, a talking blue cat. Natsu brings her to Fairy Tail and the three of them forge an unlikely bond. Together, along with other members of the guild, they travel the kingdom of Fiore completely magical jobs for money and defeating villains who dare to hurt their comrades.

There are quite a few seasons for the show but the more you watch it, the more obsessed you  become with it. I’ll be completely honest, I binged watched an entire season in two days because apparently I have no life. You have to get through the first couple of episodes because the beginning comes off a tad cheesy but once you get past the first three or so, you won’t be able to stop watching.

When I’m watching anime, I tend to analyze character relationships. Specifically relationships that give off a hint of romance to come. Natsu and Lucy are no exception. In fact, they were/are officially my first OTP. Throughout the show, you see their relationship grow from a mere acquaintanceship to the two of them being nearly inseparable. It’s definitely one of my favorite things about the show.

There’s a variety of characters in the show and plenty you can relate to. Whether it’s Erza and her determination to protect those close to her, or Gajeel and his appreciation for those who decided to give him a chance, there’s always someone you can connect with in this show.

Thanks to Fairy Tail, I gradually began to come out of my shell and started embracing the fact that anime was a part of my life. Even though Fairy Tail wasn’t my first, it’s the one that connected me to the anime industry and the reason I have so many wonderful friends. It was the foundation for my determination to keep watching anime and it’s helped me grow as a person. I encourage anyone who’s reading this review to make time to watch this amazing show. You learn so many valuable lessons from a variety of characters. You watch them grow overtime and grow with them in return. Fairy Tail will always be dear to my heart and I thank Hiro Mashima for this eternal adventure he’s created.

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