Lo-fi Indie Pop Beats To Chill/Study To

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

Melina Duterte AKA: Jay Som performing a Tiny Desk concert

Melina Duterte AKA: Jay Som performing a Tiny Desk concert

Pronounced “Muh-lee-nuh Doo-tear-tay” according to her twitter bio, Melina Duterte is a Lo-fi, indie rock, indie pop artist out of Oakland California and her stage name is Jay Som. I was introduced to her this summer during Paramore’s tour; she was one of the opening bands. Her first album was a total of only 9 songs that she released, on Bandcamp in late 2015, intended to be demos. They ended up gaining traction however, and re-released as Turn Into in 2016. Her first proper album, Everybody Works, was released in 2017 featuring another 10 songs.

2018 is the year Jay Som began to flourish and come into the indie music mainstream. She released “Pirouette” and “O.K., Meet Me Underwater this year, and, as I mentioned earlier, opened for Paramore this summer, which was undoubtedly an amazing experience for her. Jay Som’s music is some of the most relaxing music you can listen to, and demonstrates why “dream pop” is a genre people would be into. Tracks like “I Think You’re Alright” and “The Bus Song” feature rather subtle instrumentals and subdued vocals that find a way to stand out from the music itself; tracks like “Take It” and “Baybee” have a more upbeat and in your face kind of sound but still manage to feel as mellow as possible, which feels exceedingly refreshing when most mainstream pop is borderline obnoxious or nauseatingly repetitive.

Her music is not something I could have seen myself listening to before this year, but now that I have started I cannot seem to stop. Her music and voice are sonically mesmerizing and she has a very distinct and unique sound. I encourage anyone reading to give Jay Som a listen for a pleasant surprise!