UNT's first ever Black Student Union

By: Kyle Pearson

The University of North Texas established their first ever Black Student Union by hosting a revolutionary inauguration in the university’s union ballrooms on Thursday, September 20, 2018. The members who were inaugurated are all students who now hold positions meant to organize a council to allow this union to pursue its agenda in a more organized manner.

Credit: BSU Twitter @untBSU

Credit: BSU Twitter @untBSU

One may wonder why exactly a Black Student Union is needed when the University of North Texas is already known for being extremely diverse, open minded, and accepting. Although the University of North Texas is known for having many organizations who proudly stand by their culture and name, the university’s student body still remains 45 percent white, according to UNT’s multicultural center statistics, with the rest being divided up into other racial communities the Black student body makes up roughly 12 percent of the university.

The faculty backing the student union suggest implementing a black student union allows for an umbrella of diplomacy to support these culturally motivated organizations further, pushing for better representation and support not only morally but financially, from the university.

“The Black Student Union is the presiding and governing body for 45 organizations at UNT.” Shabaz Brown the BSU faculty representative said.

The question still remains as to what exactly is the purpose of the Union? After talking to the director of administration, Caitlyn Decker, she explained that the BSU is a community from varied experiences, but centered on the intersectional Black experience, focusing on coming together to fight against the many forms of oppressive injustice. “Our purpose is to uplift, support, empower, and inspire.”

The Black Student Union is not here solely to support organizations and support those who are a part of the Black community, but also to educate students who may not be a part of the community on how they can get involved to not only support, but be social justice warrior themselves.

“BSU allows people of all backgrounds to join an affinity space centered on uplifting people of color. It’s a place where unlearning and relearning developmental critical consciousness can take place through liberation and love.” Stephon Bradberry, President of BSU said.