About Lo-fi Music

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

Chillhop Music’s festive

Hope you all still have some willpower left after finals week if you’re attending a university. Something that helped my while I was studying for my finals was Lo-fi hip hop. It’s about as simple as it sounds, just a subgenre of hip hop, but simple doesn’t mean bad. You might’ve seen a channel for live streams on YouTube or playlists on Spotify by Chillhop for studying or gaming, and for good reason. The tracks all possess the same rhythm for the most part, and whether the song is lyrical or otherwise, it’s all relaxing. If you’ve already heard of the genre or you’re interested, I figure I should give you some good artists and songs. For songs, Waking Up Late by Aso is one I’ve come to enjoy, heck Aso himself is a good artist for the genre, lots of piano in the background. Vscrl by invention_ and Change by B-side are also good tracks. In terms of artists, Aso and invention_ are my two favorites, but then again, I’m a sucker for piano in a hip hop track. Lo-fi is a very relaxing take on the genre we all know and love, and it’s very unlikely that you won’t enjoy it.