Paul George to the Spurs Trade Scenario

Writer: Jameson White

For the Oklahoma City Thunder, this season has not turned out as planned. In the offseason, they brought in superstars Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to join Russell Westbrook in an attempt to better compete in the Western Conference. Through one-fourth of the season, this looks like a disaster. Although currently in the 8th seed in the conference, they are below .500, and losing to teams that they have no business losing to; such as the Brooklyn Nets. At this point, it looks as though Paul George’s departure in summer of 2018 is inevitable. As much disfunction as the Thunder have upon themselves, they may be better off trading the veteran swingman. One team to consider? The San Antonio Spurs.

“Paul George to the Spurs” nearly happened this past summer, as Lamarcus Aldridge voiced his displeasure with San Antonio, and ahead of the 2017 NBA Draft, a deal was nearly in place between Indiana and San Antonio to swap Aldridge for George. So, why not make a deal with the Thunder for Paul George’s services? With the way Oklahoma City’s season is going, it may not hurt to make this trade.

San Antonio recently signed Lamarcus to a three-year contract extension and with the way he has been looking as comfortable as ever playing in a Spurs uniform, there is very little chance that he is shipped off to any team. What San Antonio can offer, however, is multiple experienced veteran role players that can give the Thunder much needed depth. This makes sense for both sides, as San Antonio would have an extremely versatile lineup of athletic players and defenders. With Dejounte Murray, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Rudy Gay, Paul George, and Lamarcus Aldridge, this lineup can give enough offense and defense to compete with any team in the league. On the other hand, Oklahoma City would be able to attain two or three players, such as the versatile point-forward Kyle Anderson, Bryn Forbes, Patty Mills, or Davis Bertans, along with a first-round pick to assist Carmelo and Russell in leading the team; experience in a winning culture can always help to turnaround a season.

Whether a trade like this would actually happen remains to be seen. However, if this change happens, the NBA landscape could be shaken to its core.