Review of Oklahoma City University Winter Production

Writer: Kyle Pearson

In Oklahoma City, there is a show every year that everyone seems to look forward to. The “Home for the Holidays” show is a dance production put on by the students of Oklahoma City University. This is no ordinary production; the university is known for being a prestigious fine arts school providing an education to some of the most talented dancer, singers, and actors in the country.

The theatre in which the production took place was nothing over the top, a small cozy setting provided a great venue for the holiday spirit. As the show began the audience’s attention was immediately grabbed. The use of extensive lighting around the stage created a feeling of involvement for all who were watching. The use of this lighting was just one of the many aspects that made the production the masterpiece it was. An additional aspect that made the show stand above the rest was the rate transitions. By having each dance seemingly overlap the end with another’s beginning, there was never a dull moment which would leave the audience waiting.

The dancers that performed in the “Home for the Holidays” show are some of the most talented dancers I have seen. Each dancer was so in sync with one another it lead on as if each dancer knew where the others were at all times. When performers are in such unison, each movement seems to be an exact step necessary to the show’s success.

Although each number was extravagant in its own unique way there were two numbers that just seemed to stand out for specific reasons

The first of the dance numbers to stand out was the one titled “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers.” In this number, the dancers were dressed as toy soldiers and the use of identical movements and mirroring choreography really brought the piece together. In addition, the dancer’s extensive facial gestures allowed the audience to really lose themselves in the show.

The second number that stood out to me was the number “Silent Night” due to story told through the dance. The dancers were wearing separate costumes to where one was perceived to be a human and the others were perceived as angels. The choreography combined with the dancer’s intensity had me at a loss of words, it was truly a beautiful piece.

Oklahoma City University’s presentation of “Home for the Holidays” was a dance production I won’t soon forget. From the elite technical crew operating lights and sound, to the incredible dancers performing, the show seemed to have no flaws at all. If one ever finds themselves in Oklahoma City around the season of joy, the “Home for the Holidays” show is one you won’t want to miss.