Giancarlo Stanton Rant

Writer: Michael Bier

Daily Hampshire Gazette

It was a casual Saturday “morning” in the life of yours truly. I wake up in the midst of the afternoon, check my phone, and see Giancarlo Stanton had been traded… TO THE YANKEES!

We all knew this was coming, and when I say “this” I mean the trade. The Yankees were a fierce competitor in the Stanton sweepstakes, but let's be honest, did anyone actually think Giancarlo was Bronx bound? Ok maybe some of us did, but c’mon Giancarlo! The Yankees?! You could've gone to St. Louis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, but NO! You choose the Yankees…

Now all the rest of the baseball world has to sit back and listen to your annoying new fans go on and on and on about how incomparable the Yankees are to the other 29 clubs. Eventually, that'll turn into a discussion of their 27 titles and no one cares to hear about it, as they already have plenty times before.

Regardless of how mad you’ve made just about every other fan in baseball, it actually wasn't a terrible decision on your end. Pairing you with one of the most home run friendly parks in all of baseball (Yankee Stadium) 81 times a year is a pitchers absolute worst nightmare. You’ll soar past the 60 homer mark, break records, and likely help bring the Yankees their 29th world championship.

Rant over.