What Kawhi's Return Means For The Spurs

Writer: Jameson White

It has been rumored that Kawhi is eyeing his return to the San Antonio Spurs next Tuesday, December 12th. He has been out for all of the preseason and regular season, thus far, with quadriceps tendinopathy.

Credit: SLAMonline

Kawhi Leonard, when healthy, is without a doubt one of the best five players in the entire NBA. His combination of length, height, athleticism, all-time great perimeter defense, and near unstoppable offense gives the Spurs a weapon that allows them to compete with any team in the league; as if the silver and black could not already do that.

San Antonio, in Leonard’s absence, is currently sitting in third place in the Western Conference standings. They are one of the only genuine contenders in the NBA already and adding back a superstar can only make them better. The Spurs have struggled in offensive efficiency this season, which is a huge part of the robot in Kawhi Leonard’s game, as he is known as one of the most efficient players in the game.

Credit: NBA.com

Defensively, San Antonio is yet again near the top in almost every defensive category. They have discovered even more defensive stoppers on their roster, as Kyle Anderson, Brandon Paul, and Rudy Gay have become lockdown defenders. With a two-time Defensive Player of the Year returning, the Spurs will be improving even more on defense.

With Danny Green’s enhanced off-the-dribble game to complement his already astounding three-point shooting and defensive stopping ability, Rudy Gay’s elite scoring and much-improved perimeter defense, and a two-way superstar in Kawhi Leonard returning, San Antonio now has a lineup that can terrorize opposing offenses on the perimeter. In the NBA where teams are shooting three’s more than ever (i.e., Houston and Golden State), San Antonio now has the personnel back to match up perfectly with any team in the association.