An Interview with Jupiter Hollow

Writer: Jarrett Crepeau

Jupiter Hollow is a Canadian progressive rock duo consisting of Grant Mackenzie on guitar, synth, and base, and Kenny Parry on vocals and drums. Some of their inspirations are Tool (my favorite band), Pink Floyd and Rush. I actually discovered them while searching for other groups that shared my love for Maynard James Keenan and his music, and they have certainly lived up to the hype. In January 2016, they released their EP, Odyssey, which has become a favorite of mine, having listened to it over and over for the last few months. I eventually decided to reach out to them and ask a few questions, and they were kind enough to answer.

To start, I asked them what some of their lyrical inspirations were, because while listening to the Odyssey EP, I found that the lyrics were extremely intriguing. They told a story as is common in prog rock, and here’s what they had to say.


Kenny: “My lyrical inspirations don't really come from the artists I listen to, they come from my own brain, I don't know, if I'm gonna be inspired to write lyrics it's going to come from the music itself, that makes me feel things, and then I can put those feelings into words. When it comes to the way I use words to accent music, it would be similar to Cedric from Mars Volta, when I get really weird and when I get to the poetry parts. But it's mainly from myself, I think my lyrics are pretty unique.”

Then I asked what their writing process for Odyssey was as I thought it would be interesting to know how they produced and constructed their debut album.

Grant: “From start to finish, when Kenny and I first met I already had a couple songs, like "Ascending" and "Hades Heart". I had the guitar and he jammed the drums and then we demoed that, Kenny record the vocals, I did the base. "Deep in Space" was kinda similar except we mostly jammed that one out in the basement. But it's pretty similar all around.”

Kenny: “For AHDOMN, the actual record, we wrote that conceptually and musically and then Odyssey just kinda happened, and now we're writing album two.”

I then asked about any hopes for playing here in the states. I knew the answer I was going to get, but I wanted to indulge myself, and I hope this article gets the word out so that they can actually make the journey here, especially Dallas!

Kenny: “Absolutely! But you gotta make it cheap for us, affordable tickets and get rid of the clown you got running the thing.”

Grant: “We have had some people ask before, but right now it's just unrealistic for us financially, we have to build up our fanbase a little more.”

Kenny: “It's not easy to do what we do, in fact, it's almost impossible.”

And finally, I asked about new music, because after listening to their first record for the first time I wanted to hear more, and was excited to find out that they had already been working on new stuff.

Grant: "I'd said January-February, were mixing with Jamie King in January, whose mixed and master people like Contortionist, Between the Barrier and me, etc.”

Kenny: “AHDOMN will be out in February, if not then, March, that'll be the first record. So you'll be able to see it in a couple months.”

So that's the interview, I want to thank Kenny and Grant for taking the time to answer my questions. You can check out their music on their Youtube page, Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to check on the progress of their new album. These guys are doing great things, and independently at that. There is definitely some talent here and I hope that I’ve shed some more light on one of my favorite music discoveries of this year.