Chester Bennington Toxicology and Autopsy Report Revealed

Writer: Rhett Perez

Chester Bennington, the lead singer and frontman for Linkin Park, has had his autopsy report come to light, thanks to the folks at TMZ. Many were skeptical of drugs influencing his supposed suicide, which is still a debatable topic, even with an update claiming that after three tests, only the last tested claimed ‘presumptive positive’ for MDMA (ecstasy). What is for sure, according to the report, is that Bennington had small traces of alcohol in his blood from a pint glass of Corona and a generic form of prescription Ambien (Zolpidem) on his dresser, along with an empty bottle of Stella Artois.

Rolling Stone

Along with his blood content, his fingernails were reportedly found under his phone and on a nearby coffee table. Now-widowed Talinda Bennington, claimed this was because he had “nervous ticks.” She also discussed his history of mental issues, claiming this was not his first venture into suicidal tendencies. Apparently, he has had a history with dramatic events, including in 2006 when Chester left home with a loaded gun after binge drinking. Even as soon as a month before the tragedy, he told friends and family he was 6 months sober after being in an outpatient program.

Chester Bennington hung himself July 20th, and since then, many immense tributes have been done, including a mega concert with guest performances such as Oli Sykes, Jonathan Davis, Machine Gun Kelly, Blink-182, System of a Down (without Serj Tankian), and many other sources of talent. Although Chester left with no note for reason or reference, police claim he left some evidence of his accomplishments in written form, as sort of an autobiography. Chester has had a laundry list of achievement, and to see him go in such a way is disheartening, and all the rock community sympathize for his widowed lover and his family.

You can read the full report of the autopsy and more details at TMZ