Greek Life, An Endangered Lifestyle

Writer: Kyle Pearson


In college, socializing and making friends can be more challenging than one would think. Most students find themselves joining organizations around campus to ease this process. Some organizations have been around for years and uphold traditions, these groups are known as Greek life. Greek Life is split into fraternities for boys and sororities for girls, if you are on a college campus they’re hard to miss.

Joining a Greek organization at its core teaches one how to follow a strict set of rules. With universities becoming more strict seemingly each year, the traditions carried for many years are having to be altered. Greek life provides an opportunity for people to learn how to interact with people their own age, seemingly interested in similar things. These social interactions can teach an individual how to function as a member of society, or at least as a fellow peer. With these organizations providing such growth filled opportunities, one can only wonder why universities are considering banning Greek life all together.

The stigma that follows Greek life can be portrayed as negative. It’s no secret that these historic organizations are known for throwing large parties where situations tend to get out of hand. As time goes by, society changes and Greek life has had to make some major adjustments to keep the organizations afloat. Universities around the United States are cracking down on the extensive partying lifestyle that follows Greek life.

In some cases, Greek life has actually been banned from the entire university such as Florida State and Texas State. In these specific cases, there was obvious reason to disband the organizations. For these specific scenarios, lives were lost due to extensive amounts of alcohol consumption. It is no shock that an illuminate party lifestyle eventually will lead to a challenging way to go through life. Starting a party lifestyle such as most Greek organizations in college can lead to abusive tendencies carrying over into fulltime adulthood. When lives are at stake it is no mistake to ban the groups responsible, however one must wonder if a few bad peas are ruining the whole pod.

It is no shock that an extensive party lifestyle on a college campus will lead to a university placing heavier regulations and guidelines. One has to wonder if the benefits of these organizations such as teaching time management skills, how to function in a social setting, and how to support your peers around you, outweigh the bad stigma. We have seen how extreme circumstances lead to extreme action to be taken, and time will only tell whether this endangered way of life will become extinct.