Happy Death Day Review

Writer: Felicity Veliz

While seeing Happy Death Day promoted all over social media, I was super excited to be one of the first crowds to attend the screening. Seeing the trailer multiple times before the movie was released had me pumped for what I would come across next. And with Happy Death Day’s release date on Friday the 13th, the movie attracted quite the crowd.


The movie revolves around a college teen who’s caught living in a loop until she solves her own murder. Happy Death Day starts with Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) waking up from a party in a strange college dorm room. We later come to find out that the dorm belongs to one of her former classmates named Carter. She basically lives the same major events everyday: stumbling across the quad to her sorority house, running into a boy she went on a date with, having a chat with her sorority president (Rachel Matthews), getting a cupcake from her roommate (Ruby Modine), going to class, and, finally, heading to a surprise party for her birthday.

This sprouts the beginning of her mission to find her murderer.

As Tree tries to change the day, it still ends the same with the unknown murderer killing her. The murder hides under a black hoodie and a mask of their college mascot--a cherubic baby with one tooth. What keeps the film from standing out from other horror movies is how it drastically focuses on solving a crime rather than scaring the crowd.

The movie was worth the watch. The twist towards the end of the movie was something I definitely did not see coming until I put all the pieces together. The director did a nice job hiding who was really the murderer and utilizing suspense to make the crowd want more.

Although the movie carried the cliche storyline of the main character living under an everyday loop, what I liked most about the movie was that it became more of a mystery rather than a horror film. The film’s plot left the crowd a surprise and unexpected murderer twist. Tree grows to be more anxious about who kills her as the movie picks up, and it will have you fully engrossed in the mystery.

I recommend this movie to anyone that is looking for a movie that will keep them on their edge of their seat. Happy Death Day will make you think the murder can be one person or another. It’s something interesting movies don’t base themselves on nowadays.

Rate: 8.5/10