Justice League Review

Writer: Kameron Henry

This past weekend Justice League came out in theaters. When I went into to the movie expecting the movie to be just like Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad. After seeing the film, I was really happy with the movie.


Some of the pros of the movie is the flow of the movie. The run time was only an hour and fifty nine minutes. While Dawn of Justice was a whopping two hours and thirty-one minutes.The movie had some funny dialogue between characters. Unlike Suicide Squad, these jokes don’t seem forced. Another pro of this movie is connections of the other films, DC is taking a page out of Marvel they’re attempting to connect the movies. If a movie has pros, it must has some cons.

One of the cons is the colors of throughout the film. All of the DC films have sticking to the same color palate: monotone colors. Another thing is the soundtrack. As I said previously if a movie has a good soundtrack, it will be memorable. This movie only had one song that stuck in my head. The song is called Come Together by Gary Clark Jr. One of the biggest cons of the movie is the writing. Being a huge comic book enthusiast, moments of the film were really confusing. I can’t really go in- depth on this without spoiling the movie. If you are a comic book fan; you will know what I’m talking about.

With the pros and cons of the movie, I believe that Justice League is the one of the best movie in recent years. It’s a story of how the greatest heroes came together to save the world. If I had to rate the movie I would give it an 8 out of 10. If you love superheroes I recommend this movie.