Ghost BC Members Fail to Reach Court Settlement

Writer: Rhett Perez

Photo and logo Courtesy of Ghost B.C.

Ghost B.C. Former Members and Current Leader Fail to Reach Court Settlement

The ongoing legal battle between Tobias Forge and the former members of Ghost (Ghost B.C. in the United States due to copyright) has been elongated further. According to the Swedish news site, the four previous members Simon Söderberg, Mauro Rubino, Henrik Palm, and Martin Hjertstedt have sued the band leader due to failure to deliver payment from profits within a group project. While the members did actually have a consistent salary, the members doubt this is their fair share from the amount of popularity Ghost as a monumental new band with hundreds of thousands in profit. Forge has stated that the members had no role in the formation of the project, and were seen as hired musicians rather than officially licensed members, and the former members have overzealously enunciated their role.

On monday, there was an oral meeting between the parties, however, Tobias Forge did not appear, and instead had his legal representative, Ann-Charlotte Söderlund Björk, be present to settle the dispute. Two former members, Rubino and Söderberg, were present along with their lawyer, Michael Berg, who soon lost all patience after Forge’s representative demanded answers and information retaining to his role, exclaiming, "It would be great if we were told how extensive this goal would be, if we were not here for three months [sic].”

The president of the court then asked the two parties if they were interested in reaching a settlement to avoid expensive and time consuming consultation and resources of the court. “If an attempt is to be made in conciliation, it should be done now,” says Forge’s representative, in which the prosecuting party agreed towards. However, after a few hours behind closed doors, the two parties could not reach an agreement, and refused to comment on the matter. Any other legal hearings should be held by the turn of the year, unless a change of heart occurs in Forge, but until the legal system or Forge comments on the matter, the public will have to wait. Luckily, Ghost is working on a 2018 album, so at least fans have that to awe over in the space of legal trouble. The story is currently developing and will continue to be a hot topic among the metal community.