Artist on the Rise: Kaiydo

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

Up and coming artist, Kaiydo

A 20 year old artist from Atlanta named Keiondre Boone might just become your new favorite rapper. He’s currently released five tracks using the stage name Kaiydo, and all five are on his website,, as well as Soundcloud and the main five are on Spotify and Youtube. being a website, along with his own merch and album/song cover art, made himself despite not being a mainstream artist that people know right away when hearing his name.. Each of his tracks is one you can turn up to despite all having upbeat tones to them. One of the most surprising facts about his music is there isn’t any profanity in them. Not that it’s the most uncommon thing in the world, but it’s still interesting to find rap without swearing in modern music. In Fruit Punch, his most popular track, he talks about his aspirations like “a comma stream,” and “eight figures.” He’s obviously got the ambition to make it big in the music industry, and he’s got the talent. Chances are you haven’t heard of him before, but now that you have, you should definitely go check out his work if you’re a fan of the genre.