Will Yu Darvish Be Back In A Rangers Uniform For 2018?

By: Michael Bier

Source: Mark J. Rebilas

Ever since the 31st of July, Ranger fans have been asking one question...

Will Yu Darvish be back in a Rangers uniform for 2018?

To this point, there hasn't been a definitive yes or no answer. However, there have been many instances that suggest the Rangers still hold a very special place in Yu’s heart.

In a press conference that took place back when he was traded, Darvish jokingly let out a sarcastic “no” when asked whether or not he'd be coming back. Yu has also taken the time to speak out against the blame on Rangers pitching coaches for his struggles while with the Rangers.

Even with those instances, it's still really hard for me to see Darvish back in a Rangers uniform, and below are the reasons why…

#1 - The Cost

Yu Darvish has built a good enough reputation for himself to where he’ll get a massive contract this offseason. Not only that, but it's worth noting that he's one of only two “A grade” starting pitchers on the market this winter, (Jake Arrieta being the other one) meaning his price is only set to go up as teams with a lot of money outbid each other. I’d love to see Darvish come back… don't get wrong, but for way more than he's worth? No thanks.

#2 - The Effect On Signing Darvish

As I covered in the last point, Darvish is going to cost a lot. The Rangers don't have all the money in the world to spend, and they need to acquire at least two mid-quality starters along with the same quality relievers. Spending all their money on Darvish won't allow them to explore other options in free agency both this year, and possibly even next.

#3 - The Talent

Yu Darvish is good. There's no doubt about that. In my opinion though, he's overrated. As I've said before, Darvish is going to get paid, and even if we were to drop a load of money on one player, I wouldn't want it to be on Darvish. Yu had some notable quality starts while with the Rangers, but what I see more is his bad ones. Darvish is a very unpredictable pitcher, and I'm not at all a fan of that. His ERA rose almost an entire 100 points (1.00) during his last month in Texas, and during his time with the Rangers in 2017, Darvish had an ERA over 4.00.

I don't like the idea of signing a guy back for the amount he's going to demand if he's unpredictable, and doesn't perform like a consistent ace. Are the Rangers going to go after him? Of course they will, but hopefully they're smart and back off once his price gets too high.

Sorry Darvish… It's not that I don't like you, I just think you're not a smart investment.