New Girl Review

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

Personally, I don’t binge watch television shows, but New Girl has been an exception, and there are currently six seasons. The show is a single shot-oriented comedy without a laugh track, like The Office, or Parks and Rec, also shows I’ve binged before.

Schmidt, Cece, Jess, Nick, and Winston from New Girl

The show’s main character Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, moves in with three single guys, Schmidt, Winston, and Nick. Nick is a surly, irresponsible bartender, Winston is arguably the most normal of them (even though he strips when nervous), and Schmidt is a business man who sees his friends as projects to work on. The show also features Jess’ best friend Cece who drops in from time to time and reminds the audience that there are normal characters in the show.

Each episode usually entails one of the main characters meeting a romance interest, or one of them deciding that another one needs “fixing” of some sort. Despite being a comedy, the show still manages to provide touching moments, and that secondhand embarrassment fans of this type of show have come to know and love.

I’m honestly glad my friend showed me this series, and for those of you who are already watching, season seven is confirmed for 2018! highly recommend this show. If you enjoy the genre, you’ll laugh, get upset, and honestly just love New Girl.