North Texas Raising the Roof

Writer: Kyle Pearson

When passing through Denton Texas, it’s hard to miss the University of North Texas campus. An increasingly growing student population has forced the campus to start growing to accommodate the new wave of students. With the campus growing the surrounding city is having to adjust to these changes as well. Over this past 2017 homecoming weekend many events transpired but one specifically caught the attention of seemingly everyone.

It is no shock that in a college town such as Denton there will be numerous students throwing numerous parties. Typically, Denton PD shuts down the large parties before they can become dangerous to anyone attending. However, over this homecoming weekend a particular party literally went too hard. The Ridge at North Texas was the apartment complex where the party took place, at about 1:45am on Sunday morning a group of students were partying, jumping up and down only to find themselves crashing through the floor, falling into the apartment below. For the complete floor to fall through there must have been hundreds of people attending the party, videos on social media show the entire function jumping up and down only to come to a complete stop when the floor collapsed. Although there was extensive damage to all surrounding apartments there were no reported casualties from the incident and injuries were limited and not extreme.

It is obvious that the apartment with the collapsed floor is not in livable conditions and neither is the apartment with the newly added sun roof. However, this incident is not only affecting the surrounding apartments but the entire apartment complex as well. When the floor collapsed many pipes needed for water supply or sewage disposal were broke leaving many apartments without water or with too much, causing flooding. The incident, although put many students out of their homes, caught the attention of national news.

Social Media has assisted in spreading the news of the incident providing much comic relief to what could have been a tragic incident. In a world where ‘Raising the roof’ isn’t good enough, young adults are crashing parties in a new literal sense. Having the floor go out from under you can change your perspective on life, it is a relief that no one was killed in what could have been a terrible turn of events. Only time will tell how the damages will be repaired but one can only wonder what kind of consequences the owner of the apartment will face for putting so many students out of their homes.

At the end of the day this incident costed no one their lives but many their homes. Hopefully a valuable lesson was learned and a new appreciation for ‘Maximum Capacity’ was obtained.