How to Get Bigger Back Muscles

Writer: Bryanna Houser

The idea of what the perfect physique looks like now a days is very different than what is was 30, 20, even 10 years ago. Before, if you didn’t have a huge chest, or bulging biceps you were considered average at best. Now, professional bodybuilders are losing their shot at national titles because their backs aren’t up to par

Image: Muscle & Fitness

Don’t fall by the way side and use this killer back workout once a week to spice up your routine, and get that width and definition everyone is looking for.

The Pull Up

Image: Ironmaster

The pull up is a classic chest and back workout that oftentimes gets neglected.

With these, you’re gonna be doing 3 sets of wide grip, and 3 sets neutral. That way you make sure to hit the lats from multiple angles. Don’t think you’re strong enough to do pull ups? Use a bench, or another willing person to help give you a boost up there.

Pendlay Row

Image: FitFrek

Pendlay rows are one of my favorite back exercises. Not to be confused with a deadlift, a pendlay row is something you’ll feel throughout your entire back, which is good. These bad boys might have you swearing for a few days, but you will definitely be swearing by their results in weeks.

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

Image: YouTube

Dumbbell rows are a great way to get that individual lat attention. Sometimes we are weaker on one side and don’t even realize it. With this workout, you’ll definitely be able to tell and solve that problem.

Machine or Dumbbell Pullovers

Image: Muscle and Fitness

You really want to concentrate on squeezing at the top of this move to get the most mind muscle connection and to cause the most growth. It’s very easy to allow this movement to become one that focuses on your triceps, but you have to fight this and solely use your back muscles to move the weight.

These workouts are guaranteed to cause some growth and build up your back to be the best it can be. The whole workout should take between 30-45 minutes if you do 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps each with 60 secs of break between each set.