Stranger Things Review

Writer: Ashley Bow

The simple feeling which we ended season one on. El disappeared into a cloud of dust. Will coughed up a slug and flashed back to the Upside Down. Eight episodes, and that was it. The End.

Until now. Season 2 came out on Oct. 27 to address the worries left behind after the first. The season continued the marvelous feel of an older TV series with new twists, thus drawing in a larger crowd of people to continue watching.

One of my favorite parts of the show is the use of colors and lighting. The pulsating reds and deep blues repeated throughout the series give a good impression of what the scenes would look like in reality. I cannot go much more in depth without spoiling the plot, but I truly admire the realism put into the series in this way.

Another of the many great features of this show is the music. By using 80s music selections - selections that actually fit with the occurrences in the show - the viewer can feel truly transported back in time. It adds another layer in which the audience can immerse themselves, and I absolutely love it.

Continually, though there was a gap of about a year between the seasons, those involved did a wonderful job of insuring that the show feels the same as it did the first time around - immersive, scary, and extremely real in its portrayal of emotions such as anger, fear, grief and family issues.

Overall, this season provided me with exactly what I wanted. And then, of course, more. The speculations about season 3 have me fully prepared to come home from college and get together with a group of friends so we can all binge it together.