Game of the year, who wins Game 7?

Writer: Anthony Aleman

It is November 1st and professional baseball is still being played. That means Game 7 of the World Series is being played tonight for all the marbles.

The Houston Astros vs the Los Angeles dodgers, Lance McCullers vs Yu Darvish, Clayton Kershaw vs Dallas Keuchel if either of the others get run early on from the game. This series has already been one of the best ever offered by Major League Baseball, and Game 7 could push it over the top as the best fall classic ever. The series has been one where you cannot assume a three or four run lead will hold, as the bats of guys such as George Springer and Joc Pederson have been red hot against all pitching and do not show any signs of slowing down for tonight’s game. The million dollar question for tonight is, who wins Game 7 and ultimately the World Series? I am taking The Los Angeles dodgers in a close one, 5-4 over the Houston Astros, in a game where I would not be shocked if extra innings occurs. I see McCullers and Darvish both lasting about three to five innings tonight depending on how many base runners are allowed and how many of those who reach actually score. Game 7 is different than every other game as managers A.J. Hinch and Dave Roberts do not have to worry about the next game, everyone is available, and when I say everyone, I mean if Rich Hill or Justin Verlander were asked to pitch tonight they would, on ZERO DAYS REST. Game 7 for many of these guys will be the most important game they ever play in, and they will literally do anything to end the night with the trophy in their locker room at the end of the night. I see the Dodgers ultimately using Clayton Kershaw as either a bridge to Kenley Jansen or as the closer for the night, and that will be the major game changer for tonight. The bats of Altuve, Springer, Correa, and Bregman could prove to get to Yu quickly tonight, however as long as Dave Roberts uses a quick hook on him and relies on the rest of his staff then the Dodgers are taking this one. Ultimately the Astros have the best young core of players on any team (sorry Cubs) and those guys will use tonight as crucial experience for many future runs; as this team is here to stay for the next ten plus years. Tonight will be one of the best baseball games many have ever watched, I guarantee it.