Jimmy Garoppolo traded to the Niners

Writer: Anthony Aleman

In a shocking turn of events, Jimmy Garoppolo has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers for a second-round pick. In a league where trades are a premium, we see what could be a trade for the ages here. The Patriots backup quarterback has long been touted as the heir to Tom Brady, but looks as though now he will be the Golden Boy for the John Lynch era of the 49ers. The second-round pick that was dealt is going to be between picks 33-36, so the patriots are basically getting a second first round pick which will almost be assured to be someone of value. The Patriots pulled the trigger in a year where a quarterback like Josh Allen could fall to them and be the next development for the team. If the Patriots were not going to get a first round pick for Jimmy, this is by far the next best thing. For the 49ers, this is a huge risk with high reward potential. Kyle Shanahan is known widely throughout the league as a great quarterbacks coach and if he can continue to bring Garoppolo along and get him near the tiers of quarterbacks such as Drew Brees then, the team has the most position in football locked up for the next ten plus years. However, if this project fails, then the 49ers risk continuing the losing culture for another five seasons or more while losing out on a high pick in what looks to be a very good draft this offseason. Each team gets a favorable grade for this trade, and it will be a couple of years before we see who truly wins the trade of the year. The Patriots now must find a new quarterback to train to take over for Brady, even with three more years left in the tank they need to find a solid replacement for Brady who had talent potential such as Jimmy Garoppolo.