Five Favorite Fall Activities

Writer: Ashley Bow

The first day of autumn technically landed on September 22. However, all Texans know fall hasn’t really begun. Fall is when the leaves turn orange, when the air is crisp, and when nature reaches it’s peak and begins melting away. We have not yet hit that point. The afternoons are warm and the leaves remain green. I know fall exists for a very limited time here. However, when I notice the air turning my nose red and when I consider grabbing a sweater for the afternoon, these are some of my favorite activities to make the most out of the one week we get.

Go Into the Outdoors- Indoorsy Style

The first thing that comes to my mind on a fall afternoon is how nice it is to be outside. Still, I don’t always enjoy doing outdoor activities - especially if I don’t have a friend with me. So I found the solution. I’ll grab my sweater and a good book and visit a local park. Being outdoors without doing any outdoorsy things is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the season. Even if you don't have time to go out to a park, you can get the same effect from simply going out into a backyard or onto a patio to enjoy the weather.

Go Into the Outdoors- Outdoorsy Style

Alternatively, I sometimes want to leave the book out of the equation and I end up with a friend who also happens to be free. What better to do then, than go out to a park and wander off into the wooded areas or, better yet, go to an actual hiking trail. The scenery is just as beautiful when it begins to fall as when it begins to bloom, so going out with a friend and enjoying it together can feel like a really rewarding experience.

Bring a Friend for Free*

One thing really nice about my hometown is the events. Not too many in my area, but enough that I can visit some sort of festival pretty much every season. In addition, I live in a town where other cities with fuller event schedules are close by. From the ever-quirky Pickle Parade to the recent Music Festival, it’s easy to find something going on near me, so when I hear about a festival being held on a day off, I love to invite some of my friends to go out with me for a day of live music and food trucks.

*bringing friends is not always free

For the Shining Star Among Us

Some events, such as attending a festival, may require money. Others, such as hiking, may require planning. But when neither option is something I want- there’s always stargazing. It is a wonderful option during any season, but the cold bite of autumn in the air somehow seems to make it that much better. Especially if you have already spent the evening out acting social or huddled indoors watching movies with a friend, stargazing is a wonderful way to relax and let your imagination unfurl. Bonus points if you and your friend come up with new stories for the constellations in the sky.

Feeling stereotypical?

The scent of autumn in the air has always reminded me of that seasonal favorite dessert: pumpkin pie. Since I love to bake, I find it extremely tempting during the summer months to heat up the oven and bake a simple Pumpkin Pie. Whether I share it with friends, family, or no one, the smell of pie which lingers in the air after baking is unbeatable and will forever be one of my favorite memories of the fall season.