System of a Down: All of 2017's clues on the New Album

Writer: Rhett Perez

Getty Images/ Lester Cohen

With about a month away from the anniversary last System of a Down album released in the last 12 years, many want to know what the Armenian avant-garde artists are going to put out next. Millions of fans are waiting for the day when the band can release an official statement. However, as of now, their cries haven’t been answered. Instead, here are few snippets from interviews and conversations between the bands members. It is important to know that yes, they are still together, and, according to their drummer John Dolmayan on X1075 based in Las Vegas, “If I had it my way, we would’ve put out five albums in the last 12 years. Dolmayan has even added more fuel to the fire by stating “I don’t know why we haven’t made an album exactly, because it seems like we all get along. We all have a great time touring. We still are putting together really good music...I think we can put out a fantastic album.” This bit of knowledge was a bittersweet victory for the fanbase, as it confirms that at last, they have one answer. However, they still don’t know when this seemingly monumental album will release or even come to fruition. Dolmayan goes on to say he feels “As strong as I’ve ever felt” when asked about the quality of the new music constructed since. The full interview is available online if you want to hear all the words he has to say about the band.

Since this news has come by out of left field, more hype has been generated by an even greater amount as this year was rumoured to be the year something would be said officially from the band themselves. In contrast to what Dolmayan has said, unfortunately, the bassist Shavo Odadjian has also said this year “I want a new album too, it’s not happening.” This was followed by him stating, “I don’t know when it's gonna be, not right now.” This amount of uncertainty has many fans pointing fingers, and the target is Serj Tankian, the lead singer who has enjoyed success as a solo artist, and touring with the band as of 2011. Many blame his solo orchestral and performances as holding up the band, but this is the Internet after all, with more rumours than a middle school locker room published everyday. The only band member to comment on this matter is Odadjian, who on his Facebook page in 2013 claimed that that is true, but the official band page has denounced this, and since then, the band has not commented on the matter.

From this date, System of a Down are still in fact a band, and are all on good standing. With the European tour set to finish soon, hopefully the fans can rest easy and be graced with the unique musicianship of one of the few bands to reach superstardom in less than a decade just by being who they truly are.