Texas Homecoming Traditions

 Writer: Bryanna Houser

Image: UMassAlumni

Homecoming is definitely a big time of year for many high schools all around the nation, but no one does it quite like Texas does it. As the saying goes, “Everything's bigger in Texas.” That includes our traditions and celebrations, and today I’m gonna list some of the biggest and baddest traditions Texans hold close to their hearts when it comes to homecoming.

Number 5: The Proposal

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With homecoming being such a huge event for all Texans, the only possible way to emphasize it is to have an even bigger way of asking someone to be your date. The homecoming proposal is an integral part of the whole day. People will plan this proposal for weeks, even months to make sure it is as grand and perfect as possible. The amount of time, energy, and money can be pretty confusing to outsiders looking in, but to a Texan it is more than understandable.

Number 4: The Dance


At first glance the homecoming dance may look close to, if not exactly like one you attend for prom, but there is a big difference, at least that’s what I’ve been told. For prom, the purpose is to have your final adventure with all of your friends before your graduation comes along and many of you move on to bigger and better things. Homecoming, however, is simply another excuse to go out and have some fun! This night was intended to be a time for alumni to come back and bond with each other again, but we all know that’s no longer the case.

Number 3: The Game


This football game is like no other. On this very special Friday night, two teams face off, but only one has all of the honor to lose. The homecoming football game combines Texas’ two favorite things; football and showing off. At this game, it is imperative that the home team (the one hosting the homecoming) wins. Most of the time, you are matched up with a team that you are expected to win against, just to ensure your chances of victory. Because if you lose your hoco game...let’s just say your town has lost all respect for a whole year.

Number 2: The King and Queen

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As everything else that surrounds homecoming, the King and Queen of homecoming are very important parts of the experience. The idea of being labeled as one of the most popular kids in your grade is always something high school students look forward to. The campaigning and gimmicks of it all is what really surprises people sometimes. If you didn’t know any better, you could swear that those posters hauling the boldly written words “VOTE FOR ME” were for the Presidential election and not a high school celebration.

Number 1: The Mum

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Image:KERA News

 The ultimate staple of homecoming in Texas is the iconic Mum. No it’s not the British way to say Mom- it’s those shiny, loud, noise-making bundles of fake flowers and ribbons that every high school girl totes around their necks. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors (although traditionally underclassmen have smaller ones that are in the school color, while senior make theirs as big as they want and put them in all white). With such a wide array of options, it seems to be a contest to see who can not only make the biggest, but also who can sport the loudest, mum of all. Most of the time, if the girl has a male escort that is taking her to homecoming, he makes her mum and she makes his garter, which can be just as big and bashful as the mum.

With all of these great traditions, it’s no mystery as to why people from other states can feel sort of lost and overwhelmed at the sight of it all, but for all Texans, it’s a great time to bond with friends and show off some creativity and healthy competition. This annual festivity is a cornerstone of Texas traditions that will not be dying off anytime soon.