Is Josh Allen the worth the first pick?

Writer: Anthony Aleman

Josh Allen has been the biggest mystery in the NFL scouting circles this year. A quarterback from Wyoming who didn’t even have a division I offer coming out of high school, has skyrocketed up draft boards and is projected by many scouts as a top ten pick for a team such as the Browns or 49ers. The real issue with Allen is that he came out of nowhere, so many are skeptical of the reality of his potential success. Early season struggles for the quarterback have not changed the perception for many as he has not put up stellar numbers or looked amazing frankly, throwing only eight touchdowns in seven games while also having six interceptions in the same time span. In my opinion, I do believe that Josh Allen has the intangibles to be a Pro Bowl starter at the next level. Allen has the measurements of a prototype pocket passer quarterback who can be mobile if needed in small doses. Watching his arm, it is easy to see how his arm is above average and is comparable with that of other top quarterbacks in his draft class. Allen looks like a mix of Kirk Cousins, Carson Wentz, and Joe Flacco, and those are three guys he would love to compare too. Efficiency would definitely be somewhere he needs to improve, as his touchdown to interceptions ratio is a red flag for many scouts. Improving efficiency and accuracy will improve his draft stock even more. Allen should take advantage of the Senior Bowl and use that week as a chance to show scouts his continued development into a top tier quarterback. In a perfect world Allen would land to a team with an established quarterback like the Giants, or a team like the Cardinals with a quarterback guru such as Bruce Arians. Those two teams would prove to help Allen continue to grow in multiple areas and will groom him to be a perennial powerhouse under center. So, in the end, is Josh Allen worth the number one overall pick? Yes, he is, as he could be one of the best college football has had to offer in years and his development is one to watch for the years to come.