By: Kyle Pearson

Walking into The Bomb Factory in Dallas, Texas is not how one would typically spend their Wednesday night. However, for A$AP Mob, hundreds of people made an exception. It’s no question that the mob brings a unique energy wherever they go. No one could have predicted the combination of their energy and the energy of the crowd to amplify the performance to the level it was. Throughout the concert, there were many things that stood out allowing the concert to be a next level show; such, as the crowd, the set, and even the members of the mob throwing in some special features like freestyling in between songs.

The Crowd

Right from the start, the crowd was ready for A$AP Mob, bringing an insane amount of support for the lesser known openers who fully did their job of warming the audience up. Normally, one would expect the headliner to not come out until later on in the night. The crowd had an amazing surprise to see the mob take the stage after only a few opening acts; but, who could complain, it was the moment we were all waiting for. From the second the mob took the stage, the audience was in for the ride. Mosh pits were formed and the ‘push to the front mentality’ had begun. As the show progressed, not only did the energy keep rising but so did the body heat from everyone crammed next to each other. This created additional intensity to the performance from the mob due to everyone, yes everyone, was drenched head to toe in each other’s sweat and it was clear the mob wanted it no other way. The audience’s energy seemingly fed A$AP Mob.

The Set

It is no surprise that, at a concert, the artists bring their best material to the stage. What was unique about A$AP Mob was they seemed to bring all of their material to the stage. Nearly all songs from ‘Cozy Tapes’ volumes one and two, were included in the performance along with many singles from A$AP Ferg, such as ‘Work,”and A$AP Rocky’s ‘Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2.’ The use of these well-known songs increased the intensity of the show all together, further involving the audience. When a rap group, such as A$AP Mob, brings out nearly all of their songs there isn’t much time left in between each one, there was roughly three to six seconds in between each song barely leaving time for anyone in the crowd to catch their breath, but no one seemed to be complaining.

Special Features of the Show

At every concert, the artists usually try and bring some sort of special elements to make the show one of a kind. In A$AP Mob’s case, they brought every skill they had at their disposal and left it all on the stage. When the energy was high and seemed like no one could catch a breath, a member of the mob would freestyle in dead silence, no beat, no track, just the artist with their natural talent, showcasing it for the audience to enjoy. An additional aspect added to the show that increased the intensity is when A$AP Ferg threw some shade on the new wave of rappers saying he wasn’t with the mumble rap. Ferg then proceeded to freestyle which the crowd could not get enough of.

A$AP Mob putting on an incredible show is not a surprising statement. Straight out of the gate, the audience was ready to match the energy they knew the mob was bringing. What truly made this concert unique is that it seemed, for the most part, that people were not there for the girls, or their friends, but they were there for the mob. This created a special experience for not only the crowd, but; the mob as well. They were able to be in an environment surrounded by complete fans of their work.