A Perfect Circle: The Doomed Review

Writer: Jarrett Crepeau

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Courtesy of Loudwire.com

With all that's wrong in the world today, It's nice escape to see Maynard James Keenan making music again, especially with A Perfect Circle. On October 16th 2017 the band released its new single, the first since 2013 titled “The Doomed”. Now to state my bias, Maynard James Keenan is my favorite musician of all time, his three bands Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer have been incredibly influential to me as a person, as well as my art and I hope to go more in depth into each of them in the future.

14 years after their last album, eMOTIVe, The band is back with the heavy yet elegant sound they’re known for, and it's better than ever. Maynards’ haunting vocals echo throughout the song and the backing piano and xylophone really carry the songs eerily topical message. This isn’t anything new however, Maynard has been known to criticize organized religion, war, drugs, fame, you name it and the song seems to be all of those in one.

“The Doomed” opens with a verse signifying a new “christ” but the followers are all the same, and put him on a pedestal, likely referring to the recent US elections. It continues by referencing a speech in the Bible tilted The Beatitudes which encourages the weak and persecuted, however in the next verse Maynard completely flips it. Instead of listing how the poor and the hungry are blessed, he comments on how the ones who are really blessed are the rich, gluttonous elites, and how they benefit off those that are beneath them. The “Doomed” from the song title are these people. He comes out and says it in the outro of the song.

“Doomed are the poor

Doomed are the peaceful

Doomed are the meek

Doomed are the merciful”

The song in general is a very clever criticism of today’s society, just as Tool’s “Ænema” was back in 1996. If anything this shows that Maynard still has it, and it honestly isn’t that surprising considering how he managed to create three bands and a very successful wine vineyard in Arizona that he personally runs. Overall I’m very excited to see where this leads us, the band has already confirmed a 2018 album and has listed a fall tour where you can hear this new song live.