Why "Get Out" is the Best Horror Film in this Generation

Writer: Kameron Henry

 With Halloween just around the corner, this question always arises. “What’s your favorite scary movie. Some people want to say the classics such as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc. In the last couple of years horror movies have been coming out more frequently. One of those films to come out with Get Out. After seeing this movie,I will tell you why this movie is the best horror film in the 21st Century.


Get Out was directed by Jordan Peele. It came out in Feburary 24th 2017 It follows the story of a African-American named Chris who is dating a Caucasian female named Rose. Rose invites Chris to her parents house for the weekend. After accepting to go, we meet Rose’s family who begin to question their relationship. Once there a couple of hours; Chris wants to leave because it’s becoming awkward..Rose convinces him to stay then some weird stuff begins to happen. That’s all I can say without spoiling the movie. This isn’t why the movie is the best. It’s for certain scenes in the at the beginning of the movie. Whenever Chris and Rose are on there way to her parents house, Rose hits a deer. After getting out to check on the deer a police officer sees them on the road. After questioning Rose, who was driving the vehicle, he began to ask Chris for his license. Rose begins to ask why the officer needs his license. The officer says that’s is just a precaution.If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, the relation between police and African Americans have been rough. As you watch this scene, there's a huge tone shift in the movie. Instead of just going to next scene of them making it to Rose’s house. Peele decided to add this scene to show the struggle of African-Americans.

By reading this I hope you understand why Get Out is such a good horror film. Now I want to know you guys favorite scary movie. Leave a comment down below so I know which ones I should check out.