In Brett Hundley the Packers Must Trust

Writer: Anthony Aleman

Sports Illustrated

The Green Bay Packers looked to be the NFC Super bowl favorite this season; with Aaron Rodgers playing the best football of his career while leading an injury riddled team to a 4-1 start, losing only one game to a very good falcons team. However, Mike McCarthy and his team got thrown a huge curveball on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings when Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr delivered a blow to Aaron Rodgers that broke his collarbone, more than likely ending Aarons season. In came Brett Hundley, fifth round pick and former UCLA star QB who had only thrown ten passes in the NFL in three seasons in his young career. Hundley looked like a deer caught in the headlights, he looked like the guy who had never taken first team repetitions since he entered the NFL. Every Packers fan seemed ready to call Matt Flynn and try and get a 2013 season out of him again; but let’s be real for a minute, Flynn is not coming back, Brett Favre is not coming back, Tony Romo isn’t leaving the booth, so this year is now the year of Hundley. Brett Hundley will get his first opportunity to practice with the first team this week, then he will go head to head with the Drew Brees led New Orleans Saints team that is firing on all cylinders at the moment. What is the ideal scenario for the Packers now that Rodgers is out?

Well it depends on who you ask; some will be telling you the Packers need to lose almost all if not the rest of their games in order to gain a high draft pick, while others will say they (Green Bay) needs to win as many games as possible so in the case Aaron can return this year they are still in the playoff hunt. The Packers need to try and win with Hundley. While yes drafting high looks on paper to be very nice; the Packers have not had much success scouting in the last few years, as only one of the previous seven first round picks has become a pro bowler. Drafting high could come with a greater risk of drafting a bust for this organization who has not picked the best players in the past few years. Next the Packers need Hundley to succeed, because if he does not then the team will have to begin looking for another backup to groom for the future. The Packers thought they had received a steal in Hundley after he dropped all the way to the fifth round of the draft, however if he turns out to be a bust then it is back to the drawing board. Sure the team has Joe Callahan and Jerod Evans (newly signed to practice squad) but neither of those two looks to be the quarterback of the future, although the development of Evans could be something to watch this season. Hundley would also lose all the trade value the packers had in him at the beginning of the year, which included rumors getting a second or third round pick out of him. However with a bad year in his books, that trade value would be wiped right off the board and his values drops to nearly nothing.

So in the end, the Packers and their fans must hope Hundley can weather the storm and create a season that could still end in the playoff hunt. Remember this division is not concrete lead by any one team now that Aaron is out, as the Vikings are still without Teddy Bridgewater for at least three weeks, Mitch Trubisky is a rookie who will go through growing pains with a bears team who is not top tier, and finally the lions, who have looked like contenders and are more than likely the new division title favorites for this year. In the end this is a huge year for Brett Hundley, and packers man must hope he show a glimmer of a Matt Flynn type season in order to lead the team to the playoffs.